*sigh* Hi, guys...  on Twitpic

Oh, our sides! Out: Sad Keanu. In: Sad Obama.

And he loves him some fries: Has Michelle heard about this? The kids rebelling against Michelle Obama’s school lunch menu should run with this photo!

But even the siren call of fries can’t cheer up sad, lonely and evidently super bored Obama.

*sigh* Hi, guys...  on Twitpic

Oh, the giggles! Presidenting is hard! Why can’t he just finish his fries and hit the links? It’s not like there is anything important with which he should be dealing!

Oh, the humanity. Did you need to mention that hurl-worthy “eye candy” deal? Ugh. The fries don’t look so appetizing now.

So, so ronery. And soon to be in the doghouse.



Start captioning, Twitter! We’d love to see what you can come up with. And so would Sad Obama.