Who is the most contemptible: Robert Gibbs or Jay Carney? It’s a toss-up usually, but Gibbs is edging out the win after his appearance on “Fox News Sunday” this morning.

As Twitchy reported, President Obama snubbed Netanyahu, but has plenty of time to canoodle with celebrities. And now, he’s hitting the absurdity known as “The View” to yuk it up with Whoopi “rape-rape” Goldberg, Barbara Walters and the always vile Joy Behar. Even Gibbs can’t attempt to defend the indefensible without stammering.

Let’s go to the video tape!


They have phones and stuff! Funny, we would have guessed there were no phones, seeing as how President Obama has failed to pick up any 3:00 a.m. phone call.

Besides the totally mock-worthy stammering, Gibbs also uttered an out-and-out lie.

Really, Gibbs? You are going to go there? You are truly that shameless and shameful?

They lied for a week. Over and over again. In fact, the administration not only lied, but they despicably condemned free speech and tried to quash the free exercise thereof.

Here are a few reminders, toots.

 What free speech? Pentagon calls Pastor Jones, asks him to withdraw support for Bacile’s film

Outrageous: Carney says ‘Protests not directed at US, administration or policy’; blames ‘reprehensible’ film

Bye, free speech: WH asks YouTube to take down film, investigates filmmaker; Media help witch hunt

Sickening: Obama flanks self with coffins of 4 killed on his watch, Hillary blames free speech; Update: Rest in peace and God bless the marines.

Chilling: Filmmaker linked to ‘Innocence of Muslims’ questioned by federal officers

This is not America: Blood boiling over criminalization of filmmaker, quashing of free speech

Lying Ambassador Rice: Blames video, ‘embassy attacks not premeditated’; Libyan president disagrees

Press secretary Carney continues lying; Mockery erupts from flashback to Obama’s ‘bitter clingers’ remarks

YouTube tells White House it will not remove video blamed for sparking riots

No wonder you stammer so much. Your growing Pinocchio nose must be getting in the way of your mouth.