Why would she wonder that, one might ask? Well, you see, lefties are evidently completely out of their minds. As Twitchy reported, the first bout of liberal outrage after Romney’s tax information was released was that he paid too much in taxes. No, really. Now, they must be humiliated by his incredibly generous charitable contributions. You see, Romney leads by example. This does not suit.

Plus, as we know, it is the Left that is full of anti-Mormon bigotry. So, the next unhinged outrage?

Romney’s staggering charitable contributions do not count. Because, Mormon church. Or something.

Sneer quotes! It’s not really charity, if it’s icky old Mormons!

And here it comes …






The unhinged, it scorches!

Zing! Bingo.

This is all they have and it’s easy for them to hop right on that train, being anti-Mormon bigots and all. And, clearly, not knowing the meaning of charity and giving. All they do is take.