Oh, dear! President Obama sure is trying to backpedal madly from his “you can’t change Washington from the inside” remarks yesterday. President Hope and (can’t) Change! He claimed that was the most important lesson he has learned. Funny, we assumed it would have something to do with golf.

Today, in a pitiful backpedal attempts, he ends up doubling down on his admission of failure. His Twitter feed tweeted out the same comment last night and moments ago.

It’s not him. It’s you.

It’s weird how this supposedly wasn’t a gaffe, yet Team Obama is frantically responding to it.

He continued the fail at a rally.

Aww, still stinging from Romney’s awesome zingers? And what on earth does that even mean? This is the Smartest Man Alive?

Citizens don’t take kindly to be blamed for Obama’s failures.



And he blames us again at the rally in Va.

Dear President Obama: You want us to make the change? You betcha! See you in November!

Start packing, genius.