No, for reals. We aren’t joking. He totally said that, as reported by ABC’s junior high poet and Obama cheerleader Rick Klein. The sad part? Rick probably thought it was genius and poetic. He, of course, translates. It must just be that stupid rubes can’t figure out the nuance-y nuance of the Smartest Man Alive.

You can just hear the “Squeeee,” can’t you? Someone’s diary is going to be busy tonight!

Sane and grown-up citizens, however? Not so impressed. Um. What about that whole Hopeandchange ™ thing? Isn’t change what Obama, you know, campaigned on and promised? He’s admitting he lied and failed? Is he dropping out? If you can’t make change from inside Washington, he must not want to be re-elected. Whew! See ya, genius!

The president can’t do anything, evidently. That’s weird; we thought President Bush was responsible for everything wrong in the entire world, in perpetuity. What happened to that? Obama can’t do anything, but golf and canoodle and hawk things while four Americans lay dead.

Change has come to America.”

Whoops! Oh, our aching sides.

Another self-beclowning comment.

And these Twitter users sum it all up.

Yes! And November can’t come soon enough.

Update: The hilarious video.