Andrea Mitchell is totally looking to get the position of head cheerleader on the Obama squad!

Indeed it does. And you know how we know it’s true? The palace guards known as the lapdog media are covering for Obama. Covering like the wind!

As Twitchy reported, the second half of the Obama/MSM 2012 ticket have been relentlessly hyping The Secret Romney Tape ™.

They started swooning and falling into fits of histrionics even before a full tape was released. Double standards, much?

And the shameful double standards continue. Andrea Mitchell, a fan of false and misleading editing, now has the audacity to say that they won’t run the Obama redistribution remarks because the tape is ‘unauthenticated.’ No, for real. She said that.

Unbelievable. Yet, they had no problem airing the Romney tape. Even prior to a full tape being released. Worse, the subsequently released full Romney tape ended up being edited.

The Obama campaign authenticated it!

More from Mediaite:

UPDATE: The Washington Post reports, “The Obama campaign confirmed that is Obama’s voice on the recording and a spokesman moved to rebut Romney’s criticism of it.”

Okay, to be fair, we suppose the Washington Post isn’t really a credible source. Still, lying liar Carney tries to dodge the redistribution tape.

And lapdogs take their commands from him. Roll over, lapdogs, roll over!

Some media outlets resort to sneer quotes, even!

Oh, just icky, old Drudge stuff! Nothing to see here, move along.

More sneer quotes. Shameless and shameful, alleged journalists. This Twitter user sums it up.