Press secretary Carney continued his pattern of lies today. He also reiterated Ambassador Rice’s lie, claiming the violent and deadly embassy protests were not “premeditated.” Because, movie.

Truth doesn’t matter when you have an Obama to cover! These Twitter users kindly try to offer the truth to the Liar McLiarPants.

His lies continue.

Ah, yes. Surely he’d remember that one. But, wait …

Jay Carney knows three Obama “bitter clinger” columns, evidently!

How hilarious! Aren’t liars funny? Is that the lapdog version of a pat on his purty, little head? Aww, look at the little liar … how cute! Or is it that even members of the media realize that he should be the subject of ridicule and scorn?

Flashback, Carney:


These Twitter users sum up the press briefing.

And Rush Limbaugh sneaks in with the win.