Exactly right. GAFFES!!111 Or something. Members of the media were all aflutter upon the release of The Secret Romney Tape (tm). They even breathlessly reported that Romney smiled today, so shocked that he hadn’t yet agreed to fall victim to the media’s narrative.

Here is the Mark Halperin tweet to which Erick Erickson, RedState Editor-in-chief and CNN contributor, was referring.

Never anything this damaging! Why, it’s even worse that the date that will live in infamy: Romney statement day.

Of course. The elitist media bubble has set them up to believe that they are Smarter Than You. They know best, you see, never mind what actual people in the real world believe. Talk about out of touch! Plus, the media cheerleaders will do anything and everything to protect their dreamboat Obama.

Bingo. Halperin was not alone.

Gaffes!!!111 Romney is so dumb and sitcom-y. Never mind murdered ambassadors or anything.

They breathlessly awaited the release of the full “secret tape.”

While waiting, Bloomberg’s Josh Barro exposed something else. While everyone has the right to be stupid, he totally abuses the privilege.

Bless their hearts!

His darkest hour! Cue the ominous music. And, last week’s fiasco? Sorry, cupcakes: Romney’s embassy statement was correct. And, Obama is in charge now. What happened under his watch is horrifying.

The New Yorker’s Ben Greenman and Chuck Todd get in on the pathetic act.


You know what is condescending, Chuck? The way you talk about women and assume that they are all Julias.

A challenging ten days for Romney. Again with the false media narrative used as cover for The One. Four Americans murdered and embassies under siege, yet the media made it all about Romney. And a statement.

Stop talking now, Chuck. It’s a wonder you can manage to talk or type at all, what with  your tail frantically wagging and your tongue hanging out, begging for a bone.

Then came the release of the full tape.

We were worried about Politico’s Dylan Byers for a while; we don’t know how he managed to muddle through until the release.

Thankfully, the sane realize that these “real journalists” are palace guards for Obama and nothing more. Truth? That means nothing to them; they have an agenda to push.


Indeed. Oh, and by the way, the “secret” tape may have violated law.

Don’t hold your breath for the media to report on that.

Update: This really says it all.