Wow. Is he looking for a lapdog bowl full of extra kibble and treats? ABC’s Jake Tapper actually tweeted that. Better call the waahm-bulance! Poor Jake is feeling snubbed. What else could explain his absurd assertion that Romney and Ryan should have come on his show to answer questions about what happened at our embassies this week? A tip for you, Jake, from people in the real world: Romney and Ryan aren’t in charge. Yet.

Secondly, Ambassador Rice didn’t answer questions. She spun. Spun like the wind!

Twitter users quickly point out other pesky facts to Mr. Tapper.


More truth.

Why are they so meany pants and snubby? Maybe if Jake stomps his feet and holds his breath, he’ll get a cookie.


While Mr. Tapper is often held up as a few and far between unbiased reporter, this isn’t the first time he has shown that is not the case. He also immediately jumped in to defend Obama on his O-I-H-O gaffe … then deleted his tweet. And here he is defending again.


This Twitter user brings it all home.