First, the Pentagon called Pastor Jones to ask him to withdraw his support for the film that is being used as a lame pretext to explain the Islamist mobs attacking our embassies. Today, Press secretary Carney did the same. And the White House contacted YouTube in order to get the video removed. The violent attacks and burning embassies aren’t a result of Islamists who want to kill us. No, no. They are all about a crummy video.

Free speech, shmee speech! Obama and his lapdogs in the media have an agenda to push, even if it means stomping on The Constitution and attempting to quash free speech.

Citizens are, of course, outraged.

Did they not have far to look, to boot? Some are claiming that he is a federal informant.


Iowahawk continues with his epic drubbing.

Not if the Obama administration and DhimmiTube have their way, as Twitchy founder and CEO Michelle Malkin notes.

Longtime readers of my blogs will not be surprised by YouTube’s dhimmitude. I encountered the AllahTube/Dhimmitube censors in 2006 during the Mohammed Cartoons conflagration, when I first posted aninnocuous, little homemade clip about the Religion of Perpetual Outrage’s war on Western free speech titled “First, They Came.”Over the years, the whitewashing of Google/YouTube to protect radical Muslim sensitivities has been well-documented.

Carney, of course, dodges.

And members of the media? Helping to run the witch hunt against the filmmaker.

And, as Ace shows, it’s not just Brian Ross:

By the way, the LAT does, yes, tell jihadists exactly where the filmmaker lives, so they can kill him:

But Duarte’s deputy city manager said she had been told by sheriff’s officials that the permits to shoot the movie had been issued to Media for Christ. An actor who appeared in the movie, Tim Dax, said he was paid $75 a day in checks drawn on the bank account of Abanob Basseley Nakoula — a name linked to the Cerritos property where Nakoula Basseley Nakoula resides. The home’s distinctive front door with triangle windows in a half-circle pattern is visible in the 14-minute trailer for the movie posted on YouTube.


Chuck Todd tries to cover for the White House and blame the filmmaker as well.

Pesky facts!

The media and the Smarty Pantsers don’t believe in free speech. In fact, they think that standing up for free speech is actually betraying it. Or something. Just ask Slate’s William Saletan. And these Twitter users sum it up.

The Obama administration is once again seeking to quash free speech by condemning its free exercise. This time, they are making sure it’s totally quashed and not just condemned. To Team Obama, the principles upon which this great nation was founded are just a pesky hurdle to overcome.


Google says the video doesn’t violate the YouTube TOS and will remain online.