While it’s painful to remember the events of September 11, 2001, we must never forget.

By remembering and facing the horror of that day, we honor all who lost their lives. We honor all the loved ones left behind, who will always be affected by their tragic loss.

Honor all the victims and their families. Honor the men and women who died trying to rescue them.

Twitter is helping loved ones remember, and mourn, today.





Others are still scarred by the memories of fear, worry and almost-loss. Parents, grandparents who somehow managed to escape on that deadly day.


Children honor fathers lost on 9/11, by following in their footsteps. Warning: Tissues will be needed.


Stephen Driscoll’s son Barry became a police officer last year. He received the same shield number as his father, who died on September 11.

The handsome son of a hero cop who died on 9/11 has followed in his selfless father’s footsteps and joined the NYPD’s ranks — taking his dad’s shield number.

Ann Driscoll, widow of Emergency Service Unit cop Stephen Driscoll and proud mom of Barry Driscoll, 25, says she has no reservations about her only child’s bold decision to carry on his dad’s work.

“I never worried about Stephen, I’m not going to worry about Barry. God has a plan, He will take care of you,” she told The Post.

Rest in peace. Those you left behind honor you and continue to do so; their strength is a true tribute.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.