Twitter was buzzing the last several days over an open letter to Mitt Romney penned by Mike Rowe of “Dirty Jobs.” The open letter addresses the way this country now views hard work and skilled labor, as well as the growing skills gap.

That’s right. Mr. Rowe sent a similar letter to President Obama four years ago and was ignored.

PS. In the interest of full disclosure I should mention that I wrote a similar letter to President Obama. Of course, that was four years ago, and since I never heard back, I believe proper etiquette allows me to extend the same offer to you now. I figure if I post it here, the odds are better that someone you know might send it along to your attention.

Priorities! Obama’s laser-like focus on jobs doesn’t really, you know, focus on jobs. Can’t he just finish his waffle? And his golf game?

The buzz paid off; the letter ended up in the hands of Governor Romney and he, in fact, read it.

Holy crap!  He read it... on Twitpic

Romney senior communications adviser, Ted Newton, confirms.

Mr. Newton also advised that Governor Romney’s campaign is reaching out to Mike Rowe.

What did the governor read? Oh, some awesomeness.

More from Ace of Spades HQ.

Let me just start by saying that I’m a huge fan of Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs. So I find this particularly awesome.

 Certainly, we need more jobs, and you were clear about that in Tampa. But the Skills Gap proves that we need something else too. We need people who see opportunity where opportunity exists. We need enthusiasm for careers that have been overlooked and underappreciated by society at large. We need to have a really big national conversation about what we value in the workforce, and if I can be of help to you in that regard, I am at your service – assuming of course, you find yourself in a new address early next year.

Read the whole thing over at It’s important.

Citizens on Twitter love what he is wonderfully saying and respond with a resounding, “heck, yeah!”

Well done, Twitter and Governor Romney. From Mike Rowe’s typing fingers to your ears. Now, let’s make some of his suggestions happen. We need a little less standing around and holding a Summit ™ to decide the best way to dig a ditch; in theory only, of course, as that’s all they know.

We need a little more people (people upon whom Ivory Tower Obama would look down his nose) who will simply pick up a darn shovel and start digging.