So, this happened.

That’s right. In a full-page convention ad, Mayor Corey (heh) Booker enthusiastically supported the re-election of Barak Obama.

Heh. How racist of Mr. Booker, as NRO’s Greg Pollowitz points out.

More from CBS:

In a full-page ad in the New Jersey directory of delegates at the Democratic National Convention, Booker lent his support to the president by urging others to “Re-Elect President Barak Obama.”

However, he misspelled one very important word: Barack. Booker missed the “C” in the president’s first name, which was first spotted by the New York Post.

A screenshot:

Oh, dear! No worries, Mr. Booker. You aren’t alone. These Twitter users also urge people to get out and vote for Barak!

Maybe it’s time for a write-in campaign for Barak Obama? And they can vote on November 2, as Mrs. Barak Obama urged!