That’s right, President Obama. We are just not that into you. The RNC’s latest ad hilariously relays that message.

And it is a hit!

Of course, the lapdog media aren’t so enthralled.

Those icky GOP circles! In leftist and media circles, concentric on a Venn diagram, it is not all the rage. It is just rage. The truth, it smarts!

The horror! But, wait: It’s okay to admit that there are ethnic minority Republicans now? Shouldn’t that be kept on the down-low, media, like you always do? You know an ad is working, if it has members of the media admitting they actually exist.

They keep trying to build outrageous outrage.

Gross and weird? Like your contempt for fallen heroes, Mr. Hayes?

Poor BuzzFeed is late to the lapdog party. No kibbles and bits for you!

Bingo. Fail, media.

Once a lapdog, always a lapdog. No word yet when the BuzzFeed article announcing this as more stoking of a “race war” by Republicans is due out.