That’s right. One-hit wonder Right Said Fred think they are too sexy for you cousin-breeding bitter clingers.

Name-caller, heal thyself.

Twitter users have a little something to say in response.

Working is hard! He prefers to sit in his Ivory Tower, flinging mud at those who live in the real world. Right Said Fred’s Twitter bio says it all:

it’s better than working.

The stompy foot whining continues.

Open exchange of thought. If you agree with his “thoughts” only.

What started it all? Why, George Bush, natch! Will his reign of terror never end?!?

And, a sexist tweet, just to mix it up a bit, huh, Fred? Or, Freds. No word yet if it takes both of them to type on a Twitter feed. It’s quite possible.


The delusion continues.

Look in the mirror, toots.

Bored? More like pitiful.


The Freds confirm that they believe that they are Better Than You. The delusions, they scorch!