As Twitchy reported, the morally bankrupt MSNBC host Touré despicably celebrated and encouraged abortion today. Because, Republicans or something. It’s hard to tell without our morally depraved inhumanity to sane person translation book.

Twitter users were quick to take him to the woodshed over his revolting remarks and it continues this afternoon.


Bingo again.

And one Twitter user indicated that she had been sent to Twitter Gulag for pointing out the morally bankrupt celebration of abortion by Democrats in the past. The vile Touré’s response? Deserved.

So, snuffing out life and encouraging people to do so is hunky-dory. Exposing the celebration of the same? Cause for censorship.

Huh. Fancy that. He seeks to encourage more aborting of the unborn. But he believes the exposing of that encouragement is a worse crime and must be punished with censorship.

Get a moral compass, Touré. If it’s not too late.