Oh, yes. He did.

Joe Biden, the walking gaffe that keeps giving, actually introduced himself to a table of Greek men as “Joe Bidenopoulos.” Good thing he didn’t walk into a 7-11; we already know what racist things would spew out of his mouth in that case.

More from Politico:

Approaching a table of men he knew to be Greek, the VP said, “I’m Joe Bidenopoulos.”

“Ask George,” he said – unclear who George was, maybe someone at the table –“who’s the most Greek Irishman he’s ever known.” Sounded like Biden was suggesting he is.

He then danced with some women and sat down to talk with a nurse. The pool reporter actually had to say he quietly spoke to her, “presumably about nurses.” Because, with Biden, you just never know, do you?

Then he asked for rice pudding. To go.

The Twitter mockery was fast and furious.

Oh, our sides! How they ache! Next came suggestions for other names for Joe to offensively use.

Please. Like he could pronounce that!

And, more fact checking needed, please!

Wait, is there actually proof that Joe Biden is, in fact, Joe Bidenopoulos?

It is on the internet, so it must be true. Joe Bidenopoulos now has his own Twitter account. Well, Joe Bidenopolous does. The spelling seems to be in dispute. Let’s decide on one spelling swiftly, Twitter!

Sorry, buddy. Too late.


More please, Twitter. Wonder which Joe will show at the DNC convention? Wait! Maybe Joe Bidenopoulos is the DNC surprise speaker? Stay tuned.