Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Sandra “Tool” Fluke invaded the Republican National Convention today. Why? Uteri and stuff.

Also, look at us! Look. At. Us!

They gave a presser and everything!

And stood around busily checking their phones. A gal never knows when she’ll get a pat on the head phone call from woman user President Obama!

Oh, sweeties, no. Women can see through your packaging. You belong to the party that seeks to reduce women to the sum of their girly bits only. You belong to the party that seeks to diminish women by treating their children as disposable at, and for, one’s convenience. You belong to the party that hurls vile misogynist attacks at women. You belong to the party that seeks to enslave women as “Julias,” tethered to the government teat from cradle to grave. You belong to the party that thinks women deserve to die, if they stray from the Democrat Stepford Feminist complex. So, no. We aren’t buying what you are selling.

Neither are the sane on Twitter.

Blogger Ace of Spades wonders about this as well.


Even an Obama supporter has had enough of Ms. Fluke.

And these Twitter users sum it up.


Women are tired of hearing the Democrats claim that they speak for women. They don’t. Women are sick of being told that Democrats are For The Women ™ when they are anything but.

Women are fed up with being told to know their place by Demisogynists. And make them a sammich. For every woman who is truly empowered, her place is wherever she wants it to be. And the party that also believes that? The Republican party.

The Democrats are trotting out dancing vaginas and women who try to tell other women that they should not concern themselves with pesky economic matters, but should only concern themselves with their girly parts.

The Right is seeking to truly empower all women. With sound economic policies and a freedom-embracing agenda. All one needs to do is compare the whining of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Sandra Fluke, who shroud themselves in a veil of victim-hood, with words from these Republican women.

Ms. Fluke and Ms. Wasserman Schultz can learn a thing or two about that last one, in particular.

That’s true empowerment, baby.