John Sununu formally nominated Mitt Romney as the GOP presidential nominee.

Of course, some snark:

Grassroots are not happy over the power grab; they won’t be silenced. As Twitchy reported earlier, they vow to fight back and not allow the establishment to flout conservative principles.

And now for the roll call before it is official.

Twitchy will cover the roll call and the official nomination live. Stay tuned for updates.

Buzz kill!

State bragging rights are rampant.


Getting close.

It’s official! Mitt Romney is the GOP nominee for President of the United States. New Jersey puts him over the top.

Not everyone is basking in Romney’s victory, though. Many grass-roots activists are still livid about the RNC Rules Committee’s power grab:

How the RNC has been playing with fire, and how its stunt will affect Team Romney’s campaigning approach and ultimate success remains to be seen.

Let’s hope so.