Oh, sweetie. Did you learn nothing from lying liar Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her pathetic bus tour attempt? What about DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse and his flaccid turn-out dysfunction? You really shouldn’t try to brag about size when totally impotent.

Will they pull a “we totally meant to have pitiful crowds,” like Team Obama did? There are more members of the lapdog media there than actual attendees, for cripes sake. Now that’s just sad!

Former Governor Ted Strickland is inserted into the embarrassing mix.

Great day? Oh, dear.

An entire gazebo full! Romney and Ryan must be quaking in their shoes!

Pennsylvania was just as bless your heart-y. At a construction site. No, really.

Now let’s compare with Romney and Ryan, shall we? As Twitchy reported, the crowds for the GOP candidates were huge in Ohio. Here are a few examples; try not to cry, Democrats. That’s just humiliating.


And here is Rep. Ryan in Pennsylvania.

Scared, DNC? You should be. We’ll see you, and your empty buses, in November.

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