Well, that didn’t take long, did it? Media swiftly joined celebrity ghouls and the always disgraceful Mayor Bloomberg in politicizing the Empire State Building shooting. Unbiased? Yeah, right. As always, media outlets use events solely to push an agenda. In this case, they are politicizing and gleefully dancing on the backs of dead and injured.

Also joining in? Univision social media director and self-proclaimed “journalist.”

Totally no bias there, huh? Some Twitter users try to teach her about reporting on facts.

MSNBC, of course, “leans forward” to dance on graves and spike a political football in the faces of the injured.


What else should we expect? They got the talking points from their liberal overlords after the Aurora Theater shooting. Like Soledad O’Brien, perhaps they all follow the lead of leftist blogs. And, remember, shameless, shameful and disgraceful leftist ghouls told us then that scoring political points in the wake of a horrible shooting is just hunky-dory.

That’s what happens when one has no moral compass. Media included.