As Twitchy reported, members of the media were gasping, literally gasping, at Mitt Romney’s meaningless birth certificate joke. But, leave it to MSNBC to go one pathetic step further to “lean forward” into the unhinged.

The freak-out continued into insane self-parody material.

More from Ace of Spades:

MSNBC Reacts To Romney Joke With Restraint, Equanimity

“The basest and the most despicable bigotry we might be able to imagine.”

See, this is why I sort of think it’s funny. It’s a “secondary reaction” joke. The joke itself is lame. The humor comes from imagining the reaction of the thin-skinned Obama and his hyperprotective partisans in the press. Then, of course, seeing it.

Oh, and they are showing their hyper-protective partisanship to the extreme.

Of course.

Dear MSNBC: Not only is your network an absolute joke, but it is highly offensive to anyone with a brain and a semblance of common decency.

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