For reals. Evidently, the genius ‘real journalists’ are mystified by terms like ‘forcible rape.’ They must be; they keep hounding every Republican, including Rep. Paul Ryan, to answer questions about rape and categorizations thereof. Over and over.

“Just a blogger” Ace of Spades helps them out, as only he hilariously can.

What? Playing offense and covering for President Obama? Who would have thunk it?

But, bless their hearts! Perhaps they just need further dumbing down.

And, enter Law & Order:SVU’s Detective Munch! Ace is a giver and all.

Other Twitter users also help out with some questions to aid “real journalists.”

You don’t say? Tell us more, Detective Munch.

Oh, my. The lapdogs must be hurting right now. That mocking must smart! We know it is making our sides totally ache … from fits of giggle-snorts.

Yes. Or why he voted against saving the lives of babies who survive abortion attempts. Well, according to him, “babies who just don’t come out limp and dead.

But, hey. That doesn’t help the media demagogue rape and use women as a means to an end only now, does it?

Detective Munch, stay on the case!

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