What a monster! Comparison shopping and living within one’s means? Cue the evil music!

President Obama once again proves that math is hard, to him. As is reality. Man of the people? That’s impossible when one is so very far out of touch in an Ivory tower. Last night, his official Twitter account actually tried to slam Romney for suggesting that people shop around, if worried about college costs.

What happened is that citizens quickly pointed out the idiocy of trying to slam Romney for the crime of using common sense and smart thinking. The president’s pitiful desperation, it burns.



Math, so hard.

Kind and patient citizens try to explain to President Obama that shopping around is good advice.

Man of the fancy pants people!

Oh, snap! Using President Obama’s pathetic “FACT” stuff against him is a nice touch!


Exactly. Twitter user Kevin Eder sums it up.

Heh. Indeed. We can finally ring up that sale at the cash register called a voting booth in November.

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