Oh, Oliver. That was Soros monkey Media Matters’ Oliver Willis, upon hearing the theme for the Republican National Convention.

More from Fox News:

The GOP is turning what some see as a presidential slight aimed at business owners and entrepreneurs into a theme for a night of the Republican National Convention next week, titling Tuesday night’s session “We Built This!”

Speeches from a trio of swing-state headliners will be on the agenda as Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H., Gov. John Kasich, R-Ohio and Gov. Bob McDonnell, R-Va. take the convention stage.

The Left really doesn’t like being reminded of The One’s sneering contempt and disdain for small business owners.


Out of context! Honey, President Obama tried that pitiful spin already. And he failed, miserably. Even sadder, if that’s possible, other lefties quickly jump to pat Oliver Willis on the back for his inane remark.

Bless their hearts! No wonder they are Democrats; Like math, thinking is hard.

Those with the ability to see reality and use their thinkies can’t resist mocking Willis.

Yes. Do they think that the government magically makes taxpayer money out of thin air? Who pays those taxes, Dems? See, most people aren’t like your guy Timothy Geithner; they build their businesses, or work for someone who has built a business, and then the government takes a huge portion of the money they make from them. Let’s keep it simple: Taxpayer money means money obtained from taxpayers. We know; words are hard.

Oh, and FYI, last year the Tampa Bay Times Forum was renovated to the tune of $40 million dollars. Using private funds. You know, funds from someone who totally built things on his own.

During the summer of 2011, the publicly-owned Tampa Bay Times Forum underwent a $40 million transformation that was privately funded by Tampa Bay Sports and Entertainment owner and chairman, Jeff Vinik.

On December 31, 2011 the St. Petersburg Times changed its name to the Tampa Bay Times, and the arena was unveiled as the Tampa Bay Times Forum to follow suit.

Perhaps he is trying to start a “Dumbest tweet of the day” streak. He already won yesterday for this hilarious gem.

Will he do it again?


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