And so begins #MakeStuffUp. How did it start? Well, while the press is in frenzy over Akin, some other stuff did happen today.

Yep! President Obama decided to grace the White House press corps with his presence today. Of course, it was an oh-so-convenient excuse to crow over Akin. However, even while crowing, President Obama cannot stop uttering whoppers of lies. Today was no exception. He blatantly lied when he said no one called Mitt Romney a felon.

Another one of the hilariously shameless whoppers was when President Obama claimed, “You can’t just make stuff up. That’s something you learn as president.” Oh, really? Not too long ago he claimed that his biggest mistake was not telling enough stories. And, as we know, his “stories,” including composite ones, aren’t based on fact much. That hilarity resulted in #ObamaFirstTermStories.

Today? Citizens call out the president for all his made up stuff, which he claims he can’t do.

And, win.

Hmm. The president isn’t too good at that science stuff either, is he?