That’s the latest desperately scared spin from Team Obama. First, they tried to call the huge crowds turning out for Romney and Ryan, “unhinged.”  The latest sad attempt? Oh, those pitiful crowds like the 600 people in N.C. who turned out to see Biden, when well over 10,000 came out to see Romney and Ryan? We meant to do that! No, really:

More from the always extraordinary Jammie Wearing Fool:

To better connect with people, by telling them they didn’t build that, or that they’re racist. Easier with a tiny crowd, we suppose. Four years ago a football stadium could hardly contain the awesome crows, Greek columns and his massive ego. Now he’s discovered frugality and intimacy.

The seas didn’t recede, but the swooning crowds sure did! Fed up citizens can’t get enough of the schadenfreud-eliciousness.

Those pathetic crowds, Obama? You did build that.

Take a gander at just the overflow crowd, stuck outside, at a Romney/Ryan event, champ.

And more here, just for Paul Ryan; DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s “seniors hate Paul Ryan” thing is a total fail, just like your crowd sizes.

Jealous much? It’s not us, Obama. It’s you.

See you in November!

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