Obama’s deputy campaign manager, Stephanie “pants on fire” Cutter, is back making appearances, after bravely running away last week. She started off her Sunday show rounds with a slam at Giuliani and Palin, in order to defend the idjit known as Vice President Biden. But she didn’t stop there. First, her appearance on ABC’s “This Week.”

Like the incredulous statements that she made claiming she was unaware of the details of the steelworker’s story in the disgusting “Romney killed my wife” Obama SuperPAC ad. That same man, Joe Soptic, was previously used (and abused) by the Democrats; he was  featured in two previous ads. But Stephanie had no clue, we are to believe. Stephanie clearly thinks that the American public is full of imbeciles.

And in Stephanie’s case, you can tell by the fact that her lips are moving.

Oh, Stephanie. Pathological liar, heal thyself. Next, she tries to deflect with the old stand-by; bashing Sarah Palin. Criminy! She’s a liar and not very creative.


Next she hit CNN’s “State of the Union,” where she doubled-down on her repugnant defense of and agreement with Joe Biden’s reprehensible “they’re going to put you back in chains” race-baiting.


And more lies.



Oh, and you silly rubes who think that President Obama shouldn’t spend his time fielding softball questions from flirting talk radio hosts?

Not The Onion. Just a lying liar who lies.

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