According to the lapdog media, it seems. Evidently, there is no need for a “national dialogue” on civility and tolerance, if it’s just icky old Conservatives being harmed.

Even before a shooting suspect is identified, the press usually rush not only to judge, but to “Blame Righty.” Politicians do it as well: Mayor Bloomberg, upon the announcement that there was a car-bomb found in Times Square, rushed to say that it was probably “somebody with a political agenda that doesn’t like the health care bill or something. ” Because, that’s what most car-bombers are, natch.

They generally shriek about “new tone” and “civility,” while trying to paint the Right as dangerous extremists, consisting of “hate groups.” The tolerance tyrants preach anti-“hate,” while being full of hate themselves. The shooting that occurred at the Family Research Council yesterday is further exposing this. And the media should be ashamed.

After first trying to sweep the news under their lapdog rugs, they then moved onto trying to spin it all away.

From The Washington Post news item:

Family Research Council security guard shot

A security guard a was shot and wounded after a scuffle with a man who expressed disagreement with the group’s conservative views.

Huh. Kind of like how Politico called SWAT-ting, a potentially deadly form of political terrorism, “an elaborate practical joke.” It’s totally hilarious when conservatives are put in harm’s way. What’s a little scuffle? It was simply a disagreement and stuff!

The intrepid Ace of Spades, and other outraged citizens on Twitter, lay it all out for anyone who still believes that the media is unbiased.

And where are the “lessons to be learned”?

Yes. “Hateful,” “intolerant” Christians are sending love and prayers … even to the suspected shooter. You won’t hear that in the media, though.

Members of the media are trying to sweep aside the political ideology of the suspected shooter as well. Oh, he just disagreed with that hate group-y FRC. While carrying in Chick-fil-A sandwiches. Oh, yeah, and he also volunteered at an LGBT organization. Perhaps that is where he learned that FRC employees work at a “hate group” and are, therefore, not really people and don’t count?

Gee, wasn’t Chick-fil-A just in the Left’s (and media’s) crosshairs as well? With vandalism and bomb threats. The Left still, even after the shooting, continues to try to excuse their dangerous and irresponsible use of “hate group.”

But where is the media?

Outrageous double standards.

Today during his press conference on the FRC shooting yesterday, Tony Perkins said that the shooter was responsible, but that rhetoric used by outlets like Southern Poverty Law Center gave him license. He said he offered to debate the use of labels like “hate group” with SPLC, and they declined. Why won’t they discuss it?

And why won’t the media?

If anyone needs a Teachable Moment ™, they do.

Update: True to form.

Embargoing continues. Nothing to see here, move along. It’s just hate incited by tolerance tyrants against icky conservatives.

More from Ace of Spades:

Chris Matthews, of course, did not cover the story at all. I assume he is on the “pro” side of murdering Republicans, because he used to rage quite insanely if someone so much as criticized Obama. That, he contended, could lead to political violence.

Well here is actual political violence, and he’s apparently okay with it. Not even worth a mention.