While the Left continues to dangerously label the Family Research Council, and those who share similar beliefs, as H8Rs and “hate groups,” conservative Christians are showing that they are anything but hateful. First, the oh-so-hateful folks at Chick-fil-A, who passed out free water and graciously engaged with those who sought to put them out of business. Now, conservative Christians are praying for the shooting suspect who sought to physically harm people at the Family Research Council for the crime of disagreeing with his ideological zealotry.


Indeed. Of course, if one watches only the mainstream media, one would never know that. It doesn’t fit the false narrative, you see. Christians are intolerant H8Rs!

Except, they aren’t; they seek to restore love. See, it’s the opposite of what the Left screeches. Those who label Christians and Christian organizations as “hate groups” are the intolerant ones. Dangerously so; they are fomenting hate by demonizing and dehumanizing others with whom they disagree.

Twitchy joins in praying for all involved and we pray for a speedy recovery for Leo Johnson, injured while protecting others.