That was tweeted by PRA Public Eye at 1:02 pm today. After the horrible shooting at the Family Research Council offices. PRA Public Eye’s Twitter bio reads as follows:

Researching the Right for Progressive Changemakers.

Really? Try cleaning your own violent progressive house. They then tweeted out this statement by the hate-filled Southern Poverty Law Center, under the heading “HateWatch”:

We’ve seen news of the shooting of a security guard today at the Family Research Council office in Washington, D.C., and are getting media inquiries about it. There are unconfirmed reports that the shooting was ideologically motivated. We condemn all acts of violence and are following the story closely.

The only hate we see is coming from the Left. So hateful, that they seek to kill those with whom they disagree. The Human Rights Council (you are only human, though, if you are on the Left. Otherwise, you are dehumanized and don’t count) feigned regret, all while continuing to incite and foment hate by labeling the FRC a “hate group,” and screeching about Paul Ryan’s scheduled appearance at the FRC-hosted Value Voters Summit next month.

From the HRC:

Paul Ryan Speaking at Hate Group’s Annual Conference

The FRC has been labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. It’s a group that has advocated for the criminalization of homosexuality, called for LGBT people to be exported from the U.S., and has pushed dangerous lies trying to link being gay to pedophilia.

And yet – despite this – the Values Voter Summit is a draw for conservatives, and it’s where the GOP’s Vice Presidential candidate will be speaking next month. No word yet on whether Mitt Romney – who spoke at the event last year – will return to speak again.

Huh. No word yet if they will condemn the inciting of violence by spreading vicious lies and smears like the above. Likely not: The end justifies the means, you see, to the morally bankrupt.

There was more screeching by the Left over Paul Ryan’s scheduled appearance at the oh-so-hate-y conservative conference. Funny, but even as the media tries to embargo news that doesn’t fit their agenda-driven narrative, conservative conferences are never filled with hate. To the contrary; they are filled with love and hope. The real kind, not the hopeandchange ™ kind.

And today, even after the shooting, The Huffington Post referred to the Family Research Council as a “hate group.” Again. While, of course, shrieking about Paul Ryan.

More from Legal Insurrection, who captured this section of Huffington Post’s article:

 …extreme right-wing groups like the Concerned Women for America, Faith and Freedom Coalition, and the Family Research Council are also lauding Ryan’s hyperconservatism on social issues.

And in a sign that Paul Ryan has no qualms about flexing his anti-gay muscles during the campaign to those extreme groups, he has agreed to address the Family Research Council, which the Southern Poverty Law Center deems a hate group, at the organization’s annual Value Voters Summit in September.

The National Organization for Marriage is calling for an end to this dangerous,  harmful and beyond irresponsible “hate” label.

Of course, the tolerance tyrants and anti-“hate” bullies will not. They are too busy wallowing in their own hate-filled, gutter sludge mud.

Who is the hate group again?

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