Oh, dear. The DNC is trying the pitiful “bus tours” again. Last week Dems parked their bus in front of RNC headquarters, blocking food trucks from setting up shop where they normally operate. This week, they are adding lying liar Debbie Wasserman Schultz to the mix. And, of course, she kicks it off with another whopper of a lie.

Sigh. Getting her liar talking points from the always wrong Markos Moulitsas, we see.

Except, you know, he’ll be there next week.

Why let pesky facts get in the way of scary narrative framing? Twitter users point out a few other things to Ms. Wasserman Schultz.

The pitiful DNC chair then brags about this photo.

Oh, our aching sides!


Is she taking her cues from meltdown master and DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse? He also pimps out embarrassing and sad photos as if they are awesome. We’ll help Wasserman Schultz out, bless her heart. Words are hard to understand, so maybe she’ll understand pictures. Here is another tale of two pictures, Debbie.

Your “bus tour”:

A Romney/Ryan rally yesterday:

Another DNC fail.