No, for reals! She said that on Fox News this morning. She had the utter audacity to claim that she does not know the party affiliation of those at Obama SuperPAC Priorities USA, the producers of an ad so repugnant that even CNN denounced it. Trying to escape culpability if it is found that the campaign and the SuperPAC coordinated, Debbie?

Yes, she actually lied, straight up, to millions.

This Twitter user kindly tries to explain the facts of life to Ms. Wasserman Schultz.

She attempts to spin it away with a tweet about a scary witch. Er, Paul Ryan.

And tries to demonize him, after being a big pants on fire liar herself.


She’s taking her cues from lying liar who lies, Stephanie Cutter. Time for a #FireLiarDeb hashtag?

Update: Oh, Debbie. Put the Twitter down. You are just making it worse, lying liar pants.

Instapundit has the video. See her lies for yourself.