That’s right; they are making a “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” threequel. With the original actors. Decades later.

No, for real.

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Twenty-one years after Bogus Journey, it looks like all engines are finally go for a third Bill & Ted film. As word has it today, the original films’ stars Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves are onboard for the threequel.

Oh, dear. How many scenes will have them shaking their fists at the sky and demanding that those damn kids turn down the music? How will they play their air guitars with arthritis? What about Sad Keanu? The questions are endless.

Twitter users ask more, with loads of mockery in the mix.

Title suggestions are soon forthcoming.

And a second mocking hashtag enters the mix.

This Twitter user is especially perturbed.

“Bill & Ted” or “Grumpy Old Men”? You decide!