Sigh. Oh, BuzzFeed. Wouldn’t y’all be happier if you would just let go and admit to your bias? You could then hawk for Obama, and gay-bash, unfettered! What made BuzzFeed’s Andrew Kaczynski’s mask slip today? This comment by Mitt Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom:

How dare he question The One’s integrity! That does not suit. Spin like the wind, BuzzFeed! Spin in a circle, chasing your lapdoggie tail!

If the bias didn’t show through enough in the above statements alone, perhaps a look at who is thrilled with the BuzzFeed reporter’s comments will fully shine the light.

Yes, that was Ana “I review books without even reading them” Cox. See, she’s so much Smarter Than You ™, that she can just tell that a Sarah Palin book is super icky, without even reading it.  Those who  actually can read, give the BuzzFeed reporter the business.

Analogies are hard! As is the truth. Look, dude: Even CNN couldn’t muster up enough sycophancy to defend the repugnant ad.

The ad is beyond full of falsehoods; it is slimy gutter sludge. Stephanie Cutter, Obama’s deputy campaign manager, has also been proven to be a total liar. And there are serious questions regarding collusion between the Obama campaign and his SuperPAC. In case you didn’t know, dear “real journalist,” that’s illegal.

Perhaps you should trying “snarking” about that. Or, you know, doing your job and investigating.