Facts are hard, to the Left.

As Twitchy reported, Mitt Romney totally scored the Jenna Jameson endorsement. Liberals, sexist to the core, swiftly turned on the former porn star and spewed their predictably vile insults. The insults are continuing, with this classy liberal telling Ms. Jameson, “kill yourself.”


To that misogynist, Ms. Jameson should only be reduced to the sum of her girly bits. Speak? Not allowed; she must get back into the kitchen or the bedroom. Another Twitter user tries to explain life, and class, to the cretin and a supporter.


Of course. If attempts at silencing women with misogyny don’t work, try the race card! Ms. Jameson can handle herself, however, and takes this one to task with yet another fantastic “your mom” slam.

And composure, which always ticks off the unhinged Left.

Awesome, Jenna. She’s also learning something that Jon Lovitz learned recently; The “tolerant” Left will attack you in a hate-filled rage merely for expressing your opinion.

Ms. Jameson is continuing to try to explain her positions to the willfully ignorant, who think everything is about porn. Well, and Bush. He’s still to blame for everything under the sun, natch.

Shrinking in fear, huh, Left? That’s apparent by your impotent insult-throwing. When you’ve lost Jenna Jameson, election night no longer looks like a sure thing, does it?

Change, the real kind not the HopeandChange ™ kind, is coming,