Ah, yes. There was a lot of intolerance: Wishing that people would choke on chicken, bomb threats and reprehensible hate-filled harassment of young Chick-fil-A workers.

Oh, wait. That was all from the Left. Freedom-lovers? They peacefully, and patiently, came out in tolerant and loving droves to support speech and the rights of business owners. There were no rapes, like at Occupy camps. There was no garbage left strewn around parking lots. There were no fights nor arrests.

Exactly. Tolerance bullies like Shephard Smith need to take a look in their intolerant mirrors. Someone projects too much! Citizens didn’t unite for intolerance; they united for freedom. Fighting for free speech and the right to hold your own views without fear of punitive action is the exact opposite of intolerance.

Nope. That is not allowed. It’s only okay if it is President Obama and he needs some time to “evolve.” Otherwise, get in lockstep, people, or be punished. Shep isn’t alone, sadly. Bravo’s Andy Cohen thinks that Chick-fil-A customers are “against” gay people. He can’t help it; to the Left, absolutely everything is about an agenda, individuals be damned.

Huh. Interesting reading about groups like “Queers Against Israeli Apartheid,” a Palestine solidarity group, protesting for people who would have them stoned to death for being gay.

Conservatives tried to explain the truth to Mr. Cohen.

Spewing hate? Contrary to the statements of bully-caver Wendy’s, Chick-fil-A does not discriminate, nor do they hate. Other conservatives may have gotten through to him.

He likes  you, if you support gay marriage and, you know, watch Bravo. Then, you will meet with his approval. Evidently, he still doesn’t get it. Neither does Democrat strategist and CNN commentator Donna Brazile.

Again, implying that Chick-fil-A and/or its customers are intolerant. Criminy! Ari Fleischer responds.

Sorry, Ari. The Left says that doesn’t suit. While they are falsely claiming yesterday was a day of intolerance, they are doing things like … the intolerant blocking of people with whom they disagree.


And continuing to wish people choke. While teaching how to bully Chick-fil-A into “submission.”

Because that is their real problem, of course. Chick-fil-A refused to submit to the tolerance tyrants. And so did American citizens.

They lost. Freedom-lovers everywhere won. They tried to ignore “Restoring Love,” because it didn’t fit the hateful Tea Party false narrative. So, now they are trying to twist around Chick-fil-A appreciation day in order to frame that as intolerant. They need to get their hate fix somewhere, and they lack the self-awareness to look in the mirror.

Well, it’s not stopping; the Left and the media (concentric circles on a Venn diagram) won’t be able to bully people this time. Citizens have had it. They are fed up with the tolerance tyrants and they refuse to be bullied anymore.

The crowds were still going strong late last night.

Look at those “hateful” kids! This is the face of tolerance and freedom, Left.

Now it is the day after, and people are still coming out in support of Chick-fil-A in the short-run, and freedom in the long-run.


Look at that “intolerant” face! Sigh.

Shep, tell this beautiful child’s daddy that she’s “intolerant.”

Day 2! People are voting with their feet and their tummies. We can see November from our waffle fries.

The bullying. It stops now.

Update: More “intolerance.”