From Facebook:

Last Friday, I joined with Sen. Jim DeMint, Tea Party Leaders, and thousands of Texas patriots at a rally to get out the vote for Ted Cruz in tomorrow’s run-off election. Ted will serve Texas with distinction as the people’s Senator, not the establishment’s. He will work for all Americans to defend our Constitution and help put the nation’s economy on the right track. Electing Ted will start us down the road of returning power to the people and taking our country back. Texans, I urge you to get out and vote tomorrow for Ted Cruz. Bring your neighbors, friends, and family with you and choose Cruz!

– Sarah Palin

As Twitchy has reported, Sarah Palin was an early endorser of Ted Cruz in the Texas Senate race. She has recorded an audio message for him and worked to get out the vote for him last week. It’s working. You can tell not only by the poll numbers, but also by the unhinged replies from the Left.

Aww, scared lefties? Is that what has your unhinged knickers in a twist? It got worse when Sarah Palin also took to Twitter and Facebook to get out the vote for Martha Zoller, running for Congress in Georgia, today. Two conservative women? Hide yo’ children, hide yo’ wives!

From Facebook:

Martha is running against the establishment, which, as we know, is an uphill battle; but with all of our support she can win. In Congress she’ll vote to cut spending, lower taxes, and repeal Obamacare. In addition to being pro-life and a firm defender of our Constitution, including our Second Amendment rights, Martha is a strong fiscal conservative. Her “MAP for Prosperity” plan calls for increased accountability, bold reform, and citizen engagement – three things we need more of in Washington.

The nastiness, the vilest kind reserved for conservative women, came out in force.

Sigh. They are still trying to push that contemptible move by the media; putting words into a 3-year-old’s mouth and attacking him for something he didn’t even say. Running so scared that you now have to make up lies about children? Despicable.

The “loving” Left continue.

Oh, really? What did she do to Chick-fil-A? As Twitchy reported, that “boycott” was a total and epic fail and customers, including Sarah and Todd, are flocking to the restaurant. That is what has them even more unhinged, of course. They have boycott-fail egg on their faces. It’s not look what Sarah did to Chick-fil-A; it’s look what the disgusting Left did just because she went to the restaurant.

And it continues.

Lovely. But conservatives are the hateful ones?

There was another huge even in Texas  this weekend: Restoring Love. Tens of thousands of conservatives came together in love for their country and fellow man. The media ignored it. Clearly, these hate-filled spewers of  filthy sewage did as well.