This weekend, Freedomworks held their FreePAC conference with the theme “Restoring Freedom.” It occurred in conjunction with Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Love” rally, held last night at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Nope. According to the media, it didn’t even exist. Deafening silence! If anyone is still unconvinced that the media is biased, take a gander at this round-up of tweets and photos from the event. This isn’t news-worthy?

Huh. Doesn’t fit that whole “war on women” false narrative, does it? That is part of the reason why the media ignored it. Showing strong, successful, empowered and freedom-loving dames? That does not suit one bit!

And right there is another reason. It’s kind of hard to paint Tea Party members as nefarious and evil when they are gathering together in love, and in service to their country and fellow man.

It also wouldn’t suit to let the “unwashed masses” hear CrimeThink quotes like these:

Those in attendance are energized, fired up and ready to go!

They know the media is trying to ignore them, but that doesn’t matter. Their faith is restored and they won’t be silenced.

Indeed. November? Bring it.