Oh, for the love of everything! President Obama’s frantic spinning in an attempt to make his “you didn’t build that” sneer go away is now resulting in ludicrously transparent pander attempts. Dude. Why must you continue to condescend to and insult small business owners? Keep digging, genius.

He can’t help himself; even in his backpedal attempt, he is saying that the government makes everything possible. You silly little businesses wouldn’t be here, if not for The State. More specifically, him. All about him, as always.

Once again, citizens call out President Obama for his misunderstanding of the word “fact,” and provide him with some actual truth.

FACT: That’s pretty much enough said. But, Twitter users are givers, so they graciously help the president out further.






And, we’ve come full circle. Kudos, Twitter users. Keep the truth coming.