As Twitchy reported last night, Sarah Palin and her husband Todd (a cast member on the new NBC show “Stars Earn Stripes”) attended an NBC party, also attended by members of the Television Critics Association.

At least one media outlet is framing it as she “crashed” the party.

From the Tampa Bay Times article:

Palin, looking glamorous in an olive-colored dress, Hollywood-ready wrap-around designer sunglasses and high heels, had crashed the party with her husband Todd Palin, star of a reality show featuring celebrities executing military exercises, Stars Earn Stripes. (to see a photo of her there, click here)

But the only question this Florida reporter had for the former govenor of Alaska and Tea Party favorite, was a simple one:

Will we see you at the Republican National Convention in Tampa this August?

Crashed, natch. Because, icky Sarah Palin! How dare she?

We have only one question for the Florida reporter: Have you given up all pretenses of journalistic integrity or is it only when the subject is Sarah Palin? Also, why don’t you know how to spell governor? Okay, we lied. Two questions.

It must be noted that Palin’s answer to the alleged reporter’s question was that she would make an announcement about the convention in a few days. Ironically, this is also spurring remarks that she will “crash” the event.

Following the media’s lead!

It’s funny how they constantly shriek that she “inserts” herself (even when invited) into situations, yet they then fawn and coo over her when she is there.

Like moths to the brightest and most attractive flame.