BuzzFeed’s Zeke Miller randomly sent that tweet to Melanie Roussell. It wasn’t even in response to anything the DNC’s National press secretary had tweeted. Mr. Miller then went one further in an attempt to spin a simple Tea Party rally into something detrimental to the GOP. Probably something super sinister as well. Cue the scary Koch-inspired music!

Gee, Mr. Miller. If a Tea Party rally is a “party not united behind its nominee,” then what is it called when big-name Democrats are jumping Democrat National Convention ship left and right? Oh, that’s right: It’s called having a toxic candidate.

So, reporters are now feeding talking points to the Left instead of the other way around? Because Ms. Roussell, of course, retweeted Zeke Miller’s GOP slam.

Over/under on how long it takes until this becomes one of their new, and lame, bash attempts?

FYI, another BuzzFeed reporter is also hoping to create or parrot-save Democrat talking points, it seems.

Media outlets have now moved beyond bias into actively helping to frame false narratives and create Democrat talking points. Good little lapdoggies! Maybe next time BuzzFeed won’t have to abide by the Joe Biden conference call embargo as a reward!


Apparent? How? There were no quotation marks. Nor was it a retweet of something Ms. Roussell tweeted. It was a reply to Ms. Roussell and then she, in turn, retweeted Mr. Miller’s remark.

It’s awfully convenient that every BuzzFeed reporter doesn’t seem to know how Twitter works. In this instance, it couldn’t have even been a mistaken retweet, because there was no original tweet. It all originated from Mr. Miller. Perhaps he needs to read our Granny’s Guide to Twitter?

In any event, he received some kudos.

And another one from someone else who also noticed that Ms. Roussell quoted (by retweeting) Mr. Miller, and not the other way around.

At the very least BuzzFeed is once again pushing and parroting Democrat talking points.

Update: He now claims he is on a call with DNC, which was not referenced prior at all. Perhaps his Twitter followers are meant to be psychic? These Twitter users aren’t buying the convenient excuses every time a BuzzFeed reporter is called out for his bias.

Huh. We’ll see!

Update: Now it’s a press release, not a phone call.

That’s a win right there, Jammie Wearing Fool!

Update, September 6, 2012: At Andrew Kaczynski’s request we are posting a link to a photo of the press release:

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