Vice President Biden sent out a super creepy spam mail today. Twitter users gave it a unanimous “awkward” and politely averted their eyes.

Sheesh, Joe. What’s next? “I’ll respect you in the morning … Trust me!”

Then, later in the day, the White House embargoed a Joe Biden conference call. They didn’t allow reporters to report on or tweet about the call while it was in progress.

Coincidence? You decide.

Good little media sheeple obeyed the order, it seems.


The reporters did kind of, sort of tweet about it afterward.


There was more snark from Twitter users (and some reporters) than there was substance to Joe’s remarks.

Indeed! However, the lapdog media will suck it up and take it. It’s not like it was Mitt Romney’s staff mistakenly forgetting about the rope line or anything. That is unacceptable!

Embargoes? Totally fine.

Trust him.