Fight like girls? Heck, yes. Freedomworks’ Kristina Ribali got the ball rolling.

Indeed. The truth is something that is actually empowering for everyone, not just women. Kristina went on to tell her story in a string of powerful tweets.

Brava, Kristina.

Not too long ago, Spartanburg, S.C., Sheriff Chuck Wright got in some trouble for saying similar things. See, while the Left was telling women raped at Occupy camps to hush up, Sheriff Wright tried to empower women by telling them to arm themselves. Sheriff Wright’s remarks came on the heels of a situation similar to Kristina’s. The attempted rapist was a career cretin and repeat offender. He had been convicted of more than 20 crimes going back decades, but kept getting out of jail; leaving him free to continue to terrorize people again and again. Sheriff Wright was fed up and tried to help women protect themselves: “I want you to get a concealed weapons permit. Don’t get Mace. Get a firearm.”

Talk about real empowerment!

“Feminists,” of course, were up in (non-gun-holding) arms over the Sheriff’s advice. Guns are bad! Since “feminists” only claim they are For The Women ™, but they are actually anything but, they didn’t get it. You see, arming women and giving them the tools to defend themselves puts women in a higher position. Instead of being concerned with a rapist’s “rights,” those who truly respect and care for women are more concerned with, you know, the women.

The Left, on the other hand, think that women should just suck it up and shut up. What’s a little assault or rape if it is for an anti-gun agenda? The real war on women is perpetrated by those who believe that women should not even have a way to fight back to prevent a violent assault. Because, guns are icky. Or something.

They’d rather have victims than empowered women.

Contrary to the beliefs of the willfully ignorant like Bette Midler, Ellen Barkin, Nanny Bloomberg and their fellow travelers, the world doesn’t consist of fairy dust and kitten whiskers. And it is just not possible for the police to protect absolutely everyone at all times, nor to stop every crime, no matter what. Citizens, including women, must be able to protect themselves. And conservative women on Twitter intend to do so.

Many more are now weighing in and some are using the #whywomenpack hashtag.

That’s empowerment, baby.