Looks like “real journalists” don’t know what the definition of “new” is.

Bingo. President George W. Bush has a legacy of humanitarian efforts in Africa and has long fought for, and provided, funding for AIDS relief in countries devastated by the disease. He is continuing those efforts as a private citizen, as Twitchy reported earlier this month.

More from Star-Telegram:

“Today more than 4.7 million people receive AIDS treatment through Pepfar and the Global Fund [to fight AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis],” he said. “At least 450,000 children have been born HIV-negative due to Pepfar’s diagnosis and treatment programs that prevent mother-to-child transmission.”

Millions of people in Africa are alive today because of Bush’s efforts, and he and the former first lady want to save even more. Thus, their return to the continent this month.

Bush’s humanitarian efforts in Africa are not new, but they are praise-worthy and honorable, even if President Bush tries to keep quiet about all the good work he is doing. President Bush said it best himself:

“During moments of economic hardship, there is a temptation for Americans to disengage from the world,” he wrote. “But isolationism is always shortsighted and too often leads to greater hardship and despair in places that need our help. …

“It is hopelessness that aids extremists and spreads deadly ideologies. It is in failed states and ungoverned regions where many of the world’s challenges arise. There is no effective way to oppose the enemies of freedom without also opposing the shared enemies of humankind — disease and poverty.”

His decency and kindness always shine through. Also always shining through? The hate on the Left. Even while President Bush is continuing his good work in Africa to aid those in need, some on the Left must show their true, hate-filled colors.

He has always been there. Which the Left would know if they would ever take off their hate-clouded blinders.

Nice projection. It is many on the Left who have ulterior motives for everything and will even use tragedies for their own end.




Indeed. And he is continuing to do so. People are alive because of him and his initiatives. New? Nope, it’s just President Bush and what he does.