Well, who could have seen this coming?

As Twitchy reported Thursday, liberals declared war on “Saturday Night Live” alum Jon Lovitz after he took issue with President Obama’s demeaning contempt for American entrepreneurs. As a business owner, Lovitz was appalled when the president he voted for told Americans, “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

Apparently the Left’s assault included … wait for it … accusations of racism. The race card: libs never leave home without it.

You’d think Lovitz had committed a grave offense like using the phrase “you people.”

The comedian called out his fellow liberals, noting that it’s the Left that reduces the president to nothing more than the color of his skin.

Lovitz reminded followers that he’s still a Democrat, albeit one who commits heresy by daring to disagree with the president he helped elect.

After his recent run-ins with today’s intolerant Left, Lovitz sees himself as more of a Kennedy Democrat.

Now that his eyes are open to demands that he march blindly in lockstep or be purged from the Democratic Party, we wonder how long it will be until Lovitz echoes Reagan’s words: “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. It left me.”