As Twitchy reported last night, the latest CBS/NYT poll has Romney pulling ahead. Heavens to Betsy, how will the lapdog media spin this? The polling is from their Holy Grail “Paper of Record” and all. How can this be?

Distract. Distract like the wind!

And so they did. NBC’s Mike O’Brien tries to pretend that Team Romney is just sort of making the polling up. No, really.

Pathetic, sheep-like cover for the free falling Obama campaign.

He’s not alone; someone should really check on the folks at Reuters.

Yeah, they did.

No tweets about the poll numbers, though, of course! What about other sycophantic sheep, including the grieving “Morning Joe” team, at MSNBC?

Well, MSNBC’s First Read spins it into good news for Obama by focusing on gains in Latino support.

Yep, Politico jumps on the madly spinning lapdog train. Politico frames it as a “respite from Romney’s bad week.” Politico then goes on to dismiss the poll as “meh. whatever.”

Um. The sky in lapdog world must be a different color than it is in non-sycophant world. Romney had a great week and it seems to be continuing. President Obama is the one who is full of fail. From his bizarre and hypocritical focusing on Bain and tax returns (aided by his fellow travelers) to grossly trying to paint Mitt Romney as a felon to his sneering contempt aimed at business owners.

Even The New York Times tries to spin their own poll.

The press seem to have forgotten about that whole “it’s the economy, stupid” deal. Here is the real truth about the polling.

People are now putting the blame where it belongs. The buck stops here, Mr. President!

It’s funny how much better people can read and comprehend when their hands aren’t too full from carrying water, isn’t it?

Look for more spinning soon: An NPR poll also does not bode well for President Obama’s re-election hopes.

Even the usual trick of oversampling Democrats isn’t working. President Obama? Not “doing fine.”