Panic mode! What’s the matter Democrats? Afraid of a fired up Mitt Romney, passionately pro-freedom and pro-American principles? That must be it, otherwise why would they continue their bizarre obsession with tax returns? All they have left is lame class warfare rhetoric and no one is buying it. The American people value success and even any silly jealousy over “Richie Rich” people pales in comparison with President Obama’s sneering contempt of business and hard-working business owners.

So, enter Rep. Sander Levin (D-Mich.) with a last-ditch obsessive effort.

More from Ways and Means Committee Democrats:

WASHINGTON – Ways and Means Committee Ranking Member Sander Levin (D-MI) is preparing legislation to amend the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 to require presidential candidates to make public 10 years of tax returns and disclose overseas accounts. The legislation, to be introduced in the coming weeks, comes as Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney continues to balk at releasing a broad set of tax returns and fails to come forward with a full disclosure of accounts he has held overseas.

“The stunning lack of transparency from someone in pursuit of the highest office in the country highlights the need to change the law to require fuller disclosure,” said Rep. Levin. “For decades, presidential candidates have voluntarily provided a thorough accounting of their tax returns and finances, as they should. But we clearly cannot continue to rely solely on the willingness of a candidate to disclose fully what the public has a right to know about the candidate’s financial record.”

Rep. Levin also called on Gov. Romney to immediately release 10 years of tax returns.

“Gov. Romney must immediately release these tax returns and explain them to the American people,” said Rep. Levin. “The American people should not be left to wonder what he is not disclosing and why not. The law should enforce what is such obvious good, transparent, accountable government.”

Pitiful. The pathetic has passed rock bottom and is now burying into the earth’s core.

They will also be asking for the location of any offshore accounts. Cue the ominous Swiss music! Hey, have anything to say Little Debbie Wasserman Schultz, keeper of Swiss bankrolls? Perhaps she’s too busy to speak, what with her secret second home and secret press conferences insanely lamenting Mitt Romney’s alleged “penchant for secrecy.” The cuckoo pants and the hypocrisy are strong with this one … and others.

Of course, Democrats are under the severe delusional that this is a super awesome tactic, due to the sycophantic cheering from their media lapdog buddies. The media has breathlessly tried to make class warfare hay out of the tax returns, further exposing themselves as the lapdog-y water carriers that they are. Their hypocrisy has become a cliche: Where were the gasping pearl clutches over John Kerry’s or any Kennedy’s tax returns, for example?

Man, their hypocrisy has become tiresome. And obvious.

Your jackassery and insanity is astounding, Shuster.

By the way, how is that budget coming? And how is the unemployment rate? Everything must all be hunky-dory, huh? All our problems must be solved for you to spend your tax-payer funded time on this, right?

Keep digging, Democrats. Your desperation is showing.

Update: Their disdain for The Constitution and tax-payer funded time are also showing.

Senate Democrats join in.