What is the opposite of “Oh, Snap?” Lame, Clay. Lame.

Has-been and former “American Idol” runner-up Clay Aiken is desperately trying to hold onto relevance by endearing himself to the Smarter Than You crowd, it seems. His gig on “Celebrity Apprentice” just didn’t cut it. This lame attempted dig was just the latest from oh-so-tolerant, anti-bullying legislation advocate Clay Aiken.

Earlier this month, he attempted to slam Governor Sarah Palin. Instead, he ended up saying more about himself. And it ain’t pretty.


See, he put a winky face! That means it’s totally cute and stuff. Only, it’s not. Sexist and elitist much, Clay? Silly little Mayor Sarah Palin (who was also the governor, FYI, Clay)! We don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone that you are a tool.

Clay Aiken is currently trying to solicit an “American Idol” judge gig; he retweeted this one.

And tried again with this one.


Perhaps Mr. Aiken should remember that it is “American Idol.” And American includes all Americans, even the ones at whom he looks down his nose, sneering in contempt.