The lapdog media may be ignoring President Obama’s contempt-filled “you didn’t build that. Someone else made that happen” comments aimed at small businesses the other day, but citizens are not. It continues today with the #Youdidntbuildthat hashtag, pictures and NRCC response videos.

The spin started, of course.

But here is a  reminder of President Obama’s contemptible comments.

Many don’t need reminding; they are fed up and furious.

No mockage is complete without a Tumblr. And, yes, there is even a Tumblr dedicated to “you didn’t build that.

Hey Mr. Edison, don’t get such a big head. It’s almost as big as that light bulb. Which you didn’t build. Somebody else made that happen.

And, boy, did he.

Yep. As Twitchy reported earlier, an unintended consequence of President Obama letting his disdain-filled mask slip was a fired up Mitt Romney. We can see November from your contempt, President Obama.